Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas Play Dough

This is a cream of tartar play dough recipe to which I added a lot of red food colouring, glitter and cinnamon.  Charlie enjoyed playing with it whilst it was still warm - it was really nice with the spicy cinnamon smell!

We make hand prints and cut out shapes with our Christmas cutters.

I printed and laminated these pictures and we are working on making little red baubles to put on the tree and a nose for Rudolph....

James doesn't want to spend very long on play dough, so as he is still really into threading, we encouraged him to make a sausage and thread the cutters onto that!

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  1. Sophie,

    I didn't realise you blogged! This is great.

    I am following now so we keep coming back.

    Take care,

    Karen x