Friday, 8 July 2011

Weaving a Rainbow

We made this out of a left over bit of garden trellis and strips of coloured fabric. We were a bit low on purple and had no orange at all but I think it was still quite effective.  Also, I tried to have several different types of fabric in order to give the boys a more interesting tactile experience and let them hold and investigate the strips they liked for a while.

The boys took part well.  Charlie needed quite a bit of help but pulled the fabric through on his own.  I used a lot of repetitive language like, 'Down, Up, Pull!' to try and get him to understand what we were trying to do.  James needed less help and once he saw what we were doing managed to do the weaving bits himself whilst I just had to tuck the ends in.


Granny read this and came over with some purple!

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