Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Distraction Treasure Basket and Hyperbolic Ball

Charlie has become very obsessed over our cutlery drawer recently.  He likes to take out spoons and other utensils.  He is particularly fixated with the potato peeler (?!!) which we we obviously can't let him play with so in an attempt to distract him, I've made a treasure basket of things to keep on the kitchen worktop which can be his own. We are trying to direct him over to that and encouraging him to take something out of there to play with, rather than our drawer. I got a load of cheap bits and bobs and I know I'll have to keep replacing them as they will go walkabout.  It had 3 different tea strainers in to start with but they are already gone, as are the spoons!

I made the cream coloured ball thing. It's a crocheted hyperbolic ball. The pattern is from a book called 'Kooky Crochet' by Linda Kopp.  I think I'll be making more of them, they are quick and simple and make an effective sensory ball. I'd like to do some more colourful ones, maybe on a cord?

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