Sunday, 10 October 2010

Our Little Horse-Man

I've read "The Horse Boy" by Rupert Isaacson this year.  It made me think.  About a lot of things.  Besides the amazing things the family did to help their son and the great stuff relating to horses and autism, its also touches on some interesting bits about how disability is viewed in different societies and some fascinating stuff about how Shamanism fits in with that.

Anyway, it made me get my act together and sort out some riding lessons for Charlie.  I've been pretty sure he'd like it for some time but also pretty sure that it would be hard to get him to put on a riding hat! We've never been able to get him to keep a hood or winter/summer hat on for more than a few seconds so I thought this would be a barrier to him doing something which he would probably really enjoy.

I was really concerned about taking him and for it all to go wrong because of the hat issue and for that then to put him off for ever.  Luckily though, my mum and (very horsey!) uncle had also seen the film of Horse Boy and were keen for the boys to give it a go so we were able to take Charlie to try out riding at my uncle's place first. 

We let him go without a hat (naughty, but our risk) and he loved it.  He was signing for more straight away and didn't want to finish!

So now he's started his riding lessons and to begin with he wasn't happy about putting on the riding hat, but once he realised he could then get on a horse he accepted it.  After a few weeks he seems to have got the idea that riding hat = horse riding and I've put some visuals in place to reinforce it. 

He is loving it! 

So much so that the he doesn't want to get off so we have had to put some photos/symbols in place to assist with getting him down!

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