Friday, 1 October 2010

River Picture Activities

We've had lots of river walks recently to link in with our water theme so I made this as an activity to get the boys thinking about the things we had seen.

Its made from a cheap blue doormat which I cut into the shape of a river. I then printed off some photos of ducks and symbols of trees, plants etc, laminated them all and put velcro on the back so they would stick to the mat.

We've used it in conjunction with looking at the photos we've taken of the rivers we've visited on the laptop so its relevant to what we've actually seen and we can talk about it all.
We've also gone on to use it as a prop for singing "5 little ducks" which worked well too!

We've also been making river collages.

We are very lucky to have a generous Granny who has a room full of threads and fabrics for stuff like this.  If the boys are going to do this sort of thing, I like them to meaningfully participate otherwise its a pretty pointless exercise so I am trying to be very organised and prepared (it doesn't come naturally!) and think about how they can be involved in each stage. With this, I cut the lengths of wool up in advance and got them to put the glue down along the paper with an old paint roller so it would be quick!

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