Saturday, 1 January 2011

Granny made it.....

My mum made the boys some wonderful toys this Christmas.....

I'm not sure what to call this but I love it! It has a handle so that it can be carried around.  The ring is a rubber chewy dog toy thing.  I think these would be nice as hangings/mobiles too but if we did that it would likely be removed anyway - hence the handle!

This one was for James. I don't know what to call this either but she made it to appeal to his desire to thread everything at the moment! 

 He was sat next to the Christmas tree when he opened it and must have thought it to be a decoration as he hung it on a branch!

These are some of the other things my mum has made for the boys over the last few years -

A counting book (can't get this picture to load the right way up grrrrrrr!!)

The snake (he has seen better days!)

and their quilts,

not particularly special needs related but deserve a mention because the boys love them and they are 8-9 years old now and are still in one piece despite being played with and washed over and over again which is great!


  1. Oh my. Your mother's quilts are amazing. I particularily like the last one, because I love colourful fabric. I have a nephew with special needs and maybe this year, after seeing your quilts, I should make him an I-spy quilt. Hmm... food for thought.

    Thanks for joining in with my Patch Along, Sophie.

  2. Sounds like a lovely idea :)