Saturday, 1 January 2011


All available relatives put together this Christmas to get the boys an iPad.  We wanted it predominantly for the communications 'apps' (am I the only person in the world who HATES that word!) but have realised pretty quickly how much other stuff on there will be beneficial for them.  I will probably do a more detailed post when we have got to grips with it but a the moment we are trying to introduce the boys to TapToTalk™.

Its something I'm quite torn over as I really wanted the boys to have this opportunity but it is a subscription service and it doesn't sit well my beliefs on what should and shouldn't come at a cost - I don't think the ability to communicate should, no one else in this world gets charged for the use of words for communication with others.  I have similar issues with symbols programmes copyrighting and also how all this sits within our health services.  As a parent of a child with a learning disability/autism/communication disorder you are expected to pay for these programmes yourself and then most of the time, make and pay for the ongoing resources - laminating sheets do not come cheap!  In addition where are parents who are dealing with such demanding children supposed to find time to make all this stuff?  The last thing I want to be doing when they are finally settled in the evening is getting out the laminator and printer and I don't think if they had a physical need that we would be expected to pay for, make and continually service and repair a wheelchair/walking frame/hoist!  Anyway, I have gone with this basically because we tried another device previously that they took to quite quickly but would have never been able to afford and this was a substantially cheaper option.  It will save us time and I think, money in the long run, as it will greatly reduce our need for making pictures and symbols.  Most importantly, it gives the boys their own voice.  They have used photographs to communicate for a long time and WE add in the appropriate word.  The trouble with that is, it's us that's doing the talking and they, I believe, know we will, so have no need to do so themselves.  With these sorts of devices they press the picture to make the sound - THEY have made the sound of the word which is a step a little bit further.  We will see how it goes.  In addition we have a portable device which can keep them occupied with music, videos and some great cause and effect games which are already going down quite well.....

I will post again with further thoughts on this and any 'apps' (see how I hate typing that!)  that we find useful. 

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  1. I am glad I am not the only one who thinks its not fair about the high costs of materials and other associated costs to help our children communicate. Bravo to this post as you have said everything (and more) I want to say but in a much better way than I could ever have said. I am glad the boys got their ipad and I will watch and read with interest. Good luck.