Sunday, 20 February 2011

Planes and Helicopters

These are some plane/helicopter activities we've done recently for our transport theme.

A plane sensory box made from a blue sheet, cotton wall balls and toy planes and helicopters...

I found myself talking about little fluffy clouds so put that on the iPad whilst Charlie was playing with the box. He was happy to play with the box as it was whereas James needs more focus so I tend to ask him to put the planes in and out which he is happier with.

Some very messy shaving foam clouds and planes!

Helicopter Potato Prints (Dad's idea)

Some play dough helicopters, I made the helicopters and got them to put the blades (lolly sticks) in....

Pastry planes! We have the tiniest plane cutter so made these little pastry cutouts.....

We've also finally got our display board up which is great as its important that we have visual clues as to what we are learning about around.

We also found a couple of great songs and rhymes which the boys really enjoyed doing. We came across loads of versions of 'I'm a little Airplane' to the music of 'I'm a little teapot'. The words were not quite right for the lads in any of them so we rewrote it to suit our language needs and put in signs. We also found an instrumental to accompany it on YouTube on the iPad which really is turning out to be a very useful thing to have.

I'm a little Airplane

I'm a little Airplane
(sign plane)
Watch me fly
(sign watch and fly)
From Down on the Ground
(point to down)
To up so High
(point up)
First I get all revved up
(put arms out to side)
Then I can fly
(Start moving slowly)
Off the Runway
(move faster)
Up into the sky
(run around like a plane on tiptoes!!)

The other rhyme we used, 'The Airplane' was from here and we used that one pretty much as it was. The boys loved these so we are keeping them going through our transport theme and adding more in as we go.

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