Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cars and Jelly

I lovingly made this transport play board out of an old bit of hardboard and some paint samples.  It looks nice but convincing the boys to play with it was another story!  They have had a few little goes and we will keep using it through our transport theme but we have had much more success with sitting in the hallway and taking turns to roll the cars back and forth shouting, "Ready, Steady, GO!" 

These car shaped jellies were more successful.  A big hit with both boys and we had their big sister asking to join in after school one day so we ended up doing this three times!  We went to our local shop and the boys chose the colour jelly they wanted.  They helped make them and then we put them out to be played with but there was lots of tasting going on too which was great.

Some other car related activities we've attempted are car sandwiches,

car painting,

and playing with the remote controlled car - we drew a chalk 'road' outside and sent it down the road (well tried to anyway, my steering is not great and the dog thought it was alive and chased it all over the place!)  We also used the road for some number work by drawing 5 different coloured cars on there and doing giant steps along them whilst counting. 

Of course, we looked at real cars too! That means the most to James and Charlie's understanding.  We had visited Haynes Motor Museum a few weeks ago whilst our building work was happening.  Its the second time I've taken the children there and I have to admit, despite being usually totally bored stiff by car talk, I've really enjoyed both visits!  There is so much to see which for our lads is probably enough, but there are also quite a few brass rubbings to do as you go around.  We attempted a couple but that was pushing our luck with activities involving crayons and paper out of context.  They also have a nice play area, play bus and cafe with nice cakes.  (Most important thing to know for a day out in my opinion!)


  1. I love the car painting. My kids would get a kick out of that.