Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Truck Sensory Box

I am very averse to sandpits. I am hardly a domestic goddess but we have had a couple over the years and I have found them quite stressful to manage. I think the combination of the boys inability to keep the sand in one area, their desire to eat it as soon as my back was turned and my inability to remember to put the lids over them on rainy days was just too much.  I did however, relent a little a couple of years ago when I saw this purple sand, bringing it out in small amounts on trays which has worked a lot better for us.  So when I was scraping around for something to load our truck with today, this is what we ended up using.  Sadly it was the last bit and there wasn't enough so I mixed it with some red lentils.  We also threw in a few lolly sticks as an extra thing to 'load up'.  We rolled our smaller trucks through it to make tracks and we loaded the big yellow truck up with a small trowel, adding the word 'in' as we loaded up, which resulted in James running around the garden shouting 'in in in'!

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