Saturday, 23 April 2011


What on earth do you buy boys like ours for their birthday?! It seems to get harder every year to think of something 'new'.  I really didn't know what to do this year and then I came across this.....

....they both seemed quite pleased and intrigued with it which is a start.  It's very simple, they just have to put the marbles in the top and then they musically run down the tree.  I think it could also be quite good for communication if we withhold the marbles!

We were on holiday on the boys' actual birthday so I didn't go for full on cake baking and decorating this year. However, I do feel that it's my job to make them a birthday cake so I did this instead.  I got the idea from 'Great Healthy Food for Vegetarian Kids' by Nicola Graimes.  Charlie liked it but James clearly prefers bought cornflake cakes to mum's homemade ones!


  1. Happy Birthday to the boys.

    Sophie - I have given you the 'versatile Blog' award which is on my blog for you.

    Take care and keep up the excellent work with the boys and the blog.

    Karen xx

  2. Happy Birthday to your boys :) The cake looked rather yummy

  3. Thanks both of you for the Boys Birthday greetings :) Yes the cake was very yummy!

    ......and thank you Karen for the award! :)