Friday, 1 April 2011

Counting Aid

I spotted this picture frame in Ikea a few months ago and had the idea to use it for counting activities.  I've put numbers 1-10 in each of the pockets so they can be turned over in sequence. This week, we went trainspotting!  (We've moved onto trains as part of our ongoing transport theme).  My mum's house backs onto the railway line so I had planned to sit in her garden for this, but after a very disturbed night and a wet day we parked up and watched from the car.  Every time a train went past we flipped the number over and I got them to press the corresponding number on the little number pad, which they got right more often than not.  We managed to see 10 trains during the hour or so we were there, over a cup of coffee and some of Granny's treats! 

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