Friday, 1 April 2011

Homemade Escape-proof Sleepsuit - First Attempt

We've been buying some very expensive sleepsuits for the boys to wear at night.  I recently went to order some more and realised that as they have gone up a group of sizes, I was going to be paying nearly £75 for 2!  This has made me pull my finger out and have a go at making my own which someone did tell me how to do years ago!  I think I need to improve on this somewhat and ideally I would use the old fashioned type of button up PJs and just move the existing buttons but I couldn't find any of those.  Here's what I did...

1.  Cut a slit down to about half way down the front of the top. ( I hemmed this).

2.  Sewed the top into the bottom just underneath the elastic, with the slit now at the back.

3.  Sewed on 2 buttons at the back of the neck on the right hand side of the slit and made 2 button holes on the other side so it fits tight enough that it can't be pulled off but not so tight that it's uncomfortable.

James has kept it on so far, but I think it could be considerably improved upon.  All comments and suggestions greatly appreciated!

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