Monday, 25 April 2011

Train Set

Writing about the boys' birthday reminded me about our train set.  We bought them this for, I think, their second birthday.  My friend was shutting down her toddler group and selling off all her toys and this was at least 2 sets of the ELC train set which I bought from her.  I think we bought a bit of extra track to go with it.  They never played with it other than to fiddle with the trains and tracks so its been packed away in the shed  for several years now.

As we were doing a transport theme last term, we gave it another try.....

I'd say it was pretty successful.  The reason that I have held onto it all these years is that it's actually a pretty good toy for the 'cause and effect' stage.  You have to put the driver in the train to get it to move.

Both James and Charlie got the hang of this really quickly and were quite interested in watching the train go around the track.  I also took out a few bits of track so they could do a bit of the construction part which they seem to get the hang of too. 

In the end despite definite progress, the temptation to take it apart for tapping was too great!

 'Footnote'.......Please excuse the dirty feet!! My sons are strangers to foot wear inside and outdoors!!!! 


  1. Have just found your blog (courtesy of - an old friend of mine!) - really love what I've read so far :)

  2. I'm so glad they enjoyed it if even for just a short time :)

  3. What a great cause and effect toy and I love your note on the feet! Ben is the same and prefers bare where ever when ever